2019 Holiday Perspective

Greetings and Happy Holiday wishes from all of us, here at Garuda Aviary!

Welcome to another End of Year Perspective! But before I go on to describe how Garuda Aviary has advanced education¹ and awareness regarding parrot care² and advocacy, we want to help you celebrate the holidays!

Looking for no-fail gift ideas? Looking for an eco-conscious present that won’t end up in a landfill? Well look no further!! Garuda Aviary has got your back! Parrot Sponsorship Certificates make great gifts! Supporting a parrot through our Sponsorship Program is the ideal way to care for a deserving parrot. And the best part is, you don’t have to do the dirty work! That’s our job! When you sponsor a member of our flock, you receive via email a printable certificate with pictures of that parrot and details of your sponsorship.

Sponsorship Certificates make great gifts!
What’s better than showing someone you care with a truly meaningful gift? Your gift recipient can receive via email a Sponsorship Certificate in their name! It’s the most eco-friendly gift ever!

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A Parrot Sponsorship Certificate from Garuda Aviary is a gift that you can feel great about, because they come from your favorite champions of parrot welfare. We work tirelessly to care for parrots that otherwise had no hope. But that is simply not enough for us. We consistently raise the bar with parrot advocacy and public education. Earlier this year, our Director, Christopher Zeoli, was invited to speak at the University of Maryland’s Animal & Avian Sciences Dept. in College Park¹. There, the undergrads and he discussed unique parrot pathologies and the viability of parrots as pets.
Garuda Aviary’s public education continues with our ‘Diet Talk’ series². These posts convey specialist-level information geared towards teaching parrot owners how to have the healthiest, most harmonious relationships with their parrots.
And in the warm weather, our visitor area is open, our flock enjoys our flight cage, and parrot education is free and readily available to the public.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, almost. We can’t do all of this alone. We need your help to continue to benefit parrots. Your donation makes this all possible. Please consider making a one-time or recurring monthly donation. And then after making a donation, smile, knowing that you are absolutely making a difference. That the money spent was well worth it because it relieved suffering and made nurturing care possible.

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PayPal Giving Fund is a nonprofit charity support service that allows you to donate without paying any extra fees! So, every cent you donate goes straight to supporting rescued parrots!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Garuda Aviary!

²Diet Talk (Yes, Again!) 4/19/2018
²Diet Talk- The Next Level 12/5/2019

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