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The Parrot Trade Industry:    Unlike dogs and cats, parrots are not domesticated. They are “captive wild prey”. Unfortunately, Their growing popularity as pets has created an industry that embraces cruel and inhumane methods to supply these captive wild animals to an unwitting public.  The parrot trade industry causes horrific suffering in the lives of countless parrots while illegal poaching and trapping practices continue to drive wild, free populations of parrots toward extinction
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Parrot Whisperer:    Every year, thousands of frustrated owners abandon their parrots. Due to a popularized image, most people expect parrots to be charming, personable and playful. Those expectations are shattered when the owner comes face to face with the wild nature of their parrot.  Under the care of an unprepared, ill-equipped owner, a parrot becomes destructive, aggressive and neurotic.
On a daily basis, Garuda Aviary receives requests to take in parrots that have become too difficult to keep. Parrot rescues and sanctuaries cannot keep up with the demand to home countless unwanted “companion parrots”.
In our Parrot Whisperer section, we discuss methods, techniques and the over-all perspective that will help the frustrated parrot owner understand and manage the wild tendencies of their feathered companion.
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Have a question for the Parrot Whisperer?   E-mail your questions to   …Your question and the answer might show up in our Parrot Whisperer section! 



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