“As is always the case with any non-profit rescue and sanctuary, Garuda Aviary depends on it’s hard working volunteers. Without their efforts, we could not continue to rescue and rehabilitate parrots that have been abused and abandoned. On behalf of Garuda Aviary and our flock, I would like to express our gratitude and give credit where credit is due… Hip Hip Hooray!”

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Christopher Zeoli


“A round of applause for our amazing volunteers!!!”
(In alphabetic order)

Michael Michael Brunk

IMG_305077421803895_kindlephoto-305091169 Kunzang Drolma

FullSizeRender Claire Exten

FB_IMG_1422956725619 Chris Hodgson

Leslie flower Leslie Mulvihill

 Pema pic Pema James Munson

Gail pic Gail Peck

Sangye Profile Pic Ani Sangye

Monique pic.jpg2 Monique Shilling

Amber's pic Amber Taylor

 Claire W icon Claire Waggoner





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