What Foods Are Bad For Parrots?

A Parrot’s diet should not be too rich in fruit sugars or seed and nut oils. Too rich of a diet will result in heightened libido, aggression, obesity and a greater risk of  embolism (stroke and heart attack).

Specific foods (or substances) to avoid feeding your parrot:

Avocado (Toxic)

Onion (Toxic)

White Potato (Toxic)

Eggplant (Toxic)

Tomato (Like other members of the Nightshade family, tomato may be toxic for parrots. This is debatable. Some owners do give their parrots tomato without consequence. Most veterinary professionals recommend refraining from feeding tomato to parrots.)

Salt  (Alters brain function. Elevates blood pressure, heart rate, etc.)

Sugar (Elevates libido, aggression, likeliness of obesity)

Caffeine (Alters brain function. Elevates blood pressure, heart rate, etc.)

Dairy (Parrots cannot digest lactose)  *Parrots can tolerate very small amounts of yogurt because probiotics are present.

Meat (Elevates likeliness of obesity and embolism)





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