Is it possible to find a “cruelty-free” parrot as a pet?

Because of the wild nature of the animal, and the retail economic realities involved in parrot breeding, finding a parrot that has come from cruelty-free sources is nearly impossible.

Illegal poaching and parrot mill breeding will not stop because of concerns about humane treatment. The only way to stop this cruelty is to end the demand. If there is no demand for companion parrots, poachers and breeders will not supply them. Through education and heightened environmental awareness, a negative stigma against parrot trading can be created.

For a time, wearing animal fur was popular. If you wear real fur now, you risk a very negative response from most people, because the cruelty of fur and pelt harvesting is commonly known.  The only way to save parrots from further subjugation and extinction is to create a greater awareness.

Information is powerful. It can free the oppressed. With information, we can change the world.





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