What is a parrot mill?

Much like puppy mills do with dogs, parrot mills try to reap the most profit by breeding many parrots while putting very little money into the breeding stock’s healthcare.

It is difficult to get parrots to mate successfully in a domestic environment. Their heightened anxiety and wild instincts tell the parrots to suspend mating behavior while in an unnatural setting. Parrot mill breeders have several techniques to get around this obstacle. First, they buy a large breeding stock, knowing that only some of them will breed. Second, the breeding stock is fed a diet overly rich in seed and nut oils, and possibly high fruit sugars. This tricks a parrot’s body into elevating the drive to mate. Also, many parrot mills keep their breeding stock in extended periods of darkness. Some breeders believe that parrots are more inclined to mate in extended darkness. There is no reputable science to support this idea.

The overly rich diet and lack of exercise has the same effect on a parrot’s body that it would on our bodies; plaque accumulates in the arteries, leading to heart attacks and strokes. Living in perpetual darkness has a morbidly oppressive effect on the parrot’s emotional state. And the inadequate healthcare often has dire consequences. All of these factors together destroy a parrot’s physical and emotional health. Parrots forced to breed live shortened, miserable lives.






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