What makes parrots so difficult to care for?

In a pet store, a parrot may appear tame. But when you bring it home, the bird’s natural behaviors start to emerge. Most parrots can be very loud. When they are upset, they can get much louder. Many parrots have a natural inclination to go through their verbal repertoire at dawn and again at dusk. That in itself, isn’t the problem. The problem is they go through that repertoire at full volume, like someone screaming at the top of their lungs in your house.

Parrots in a domestic setting are also very likely to develop anxiety disorders that cause them to pluck out their feathers and mutilate their own skin. And they bite! A parrot’s primary tool used for dealing with most situations is its beak. You cannot own or handle parrots without being bitten from time to time. Injuries can range from a hard pinch to broken skin requiring stitches, to even crushed and broken bones in the extremities.

Garuda Aviary receives weekly, sometimes daily requests, to take in parrots that have become too difficult to keep.  Because we do not adopt-out our birds, we have to turn down the majority of these requests as our mission is to care for traumatized birds who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Garuda Aviary specializes in parrots rescued from cruel, unhealthy environments.





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