Flock Talk March 2015

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New & Improved


Big news from Garuda Aviary! We’ve been busy in the cyber-kitchen, cooking up a treat we hope you’ll love! A brand new website! It’s hot and fresh, right out of the oven! This new version provides a sharper, more focused image of what Garuda Aviary is all about.
You will find more of the fascinating educational articles that you have come to expect from GarudaAviary.org

Our “Meet the Flock” section has been updated, so you know who’s who. Our growing Education section is full of new, relevant information. We take a close look at the negative effects of the commercial parrot trade. And we’re proud to present our new “Parrot Whisperer” section, helping parrot owners understand and properly care for their feathered friends.  And pictures! Lots of pictures! So check out the new GarudaAviary.org And enjoy!


How Do You Control Dander?

One of our Twitter followers recently asked if we manage dander by bathing the birds a lot. The root of the question refers to the copious volume of dander that parrots (especially cockatoos) produce.
As you may recall from our blog post, Do you love dust and dander?, Garuda Aviary’s flock creates more dander in a week then the average household creates in a year. In one year, our flock produces more than 6 pounds of dander! That much dander can completely occlude air filters and destroy a building’s HVAC compressor. Not to mention the damage it can cause in the lungs of mammals and rainforest parrots. So our questioner is wondering how we manage all that dander. Good question!

Frequent misting showers are one important way of managing dander. At home, you wouldn’t want to shower a parrot too often. Some breeds will develop chronic dry skin from excessive showering. 2 – 3 times a week is the common guideline for showering most types of parrot.
At Garuda Aviary, problems like the high production of feather dander had to be addressed during building construction. The facility is divided in half. Both sides have their own isolated ventilation system so that the rainforest parrots don’t breathe the cockatoo and African Grey dander. Also, both HVAC systems have high capacity air compressors to circulate a large volume of air in a short period of time. And every two days, the Aviary’s ventilation return filters are blown clean with a portable air compressor.
So to our curious Twitter follower, the answer is this: Our flock does get showers for good hygiene and dander control. But with so many cockatoos, we had to implement more substantial measures from the beginning to manage so much dander.
Thanks for asking!
Do you have a parrot question? We’d love to hear it! Send it to us at GarudaAviary@earthlink.net And be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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Generous Bounty

Recently, Garuda Aviary received a large and very generous donation from The Parrot Posse. The Parrot Posse is a group of over 2000 members that combine their funds to purchase supplies and send them to parrot rescues and sanctuaries.
Also involved in the Parrot Posse’s mission is their friends at the Caitec Corporation. They specialize in stainless steel toys for parrots. For rescues and sanctuaries, Caitec offers stainless steel foraging toys to the Parrot Posse at deep discounts.

Our entire gift package from the Parrot Posse and the Caitec Corporation included;
50lbs almonds (in shell) 50lbs walnuts (in shell) 11lbs macadamia nuts (in shell) 12 beautiful stainless steel “foraging cages”
Wow! What an amazing “care package”! And the timing is truly ideal. Now that it’s cold, our flock will be inside for the winter. As “cabin fever” sets in, our parrots can get bored and cranky. Getting the walnuts out of the foraging cages is a stimulating and fun way for our birds to “forage” for their treats.
All of us at Garuda Aviary send a BIG thank you and shout out to our heroes, the Parrot Posse and the Caitec Corporation.

swing fun

Ever Wondered?

Garuda Aviary is committed to helping parrots in need. But have you ever wondered … who helps the helpers?
For non-profit rescues and sanctuaries like Garuda Aviary, meeting the needs of the animals we care for can be a challenge. From diet and nutrition to toys and enrichments, proper animal care can be costly. As noted in Generous Bounty, the Parrot Posse (with assistance from the Caitec Corporation) recently helped Garuda Aviary fill this tall order.
Well they’ve gone and done it again! The Parrot Posse has just sent Garuda Aviary 12 beautiful swing perches with stainless steel bells crafted by the toy experts at the Caitec Corporation. These are exciting toys for any parrot’s cage. Garuda Aviary is very grateful for these gift packages. They help us give our flock the quality of life they deserve. Thank you, Parrot Posse & Caitec!!


Astrology Fundraiser for Garuda Aviary

Have you ever thought about getting your Astrology Chart done, but needed an extra incentive? If so, we have a great opportunity for you to get an amazing chart reading done by Astrologer Matilda Mercury,  and at the same time benefit the Parrots of the Garuda Aviary. Matilda, who is a good friend to the Garuda Aviary, will be offering one USA astrology chart per week as a fundraiser and will donate the entire proceeds to — guess who? – The Garuda Aviary!
The suggested donation amount is $120 and you will receive an in-depth and illuminating recorded astrology chart reading on Skype by Astrologer Matilda Mercury, while ensuring that our Parrots continue to be well-fed and cared for – what a fantastic opportunity! This terrific offer begins March 1, 2015 and extends until the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2015. Here is a preview, just in from Matilda: “the stars seem to be indicating that many will benefit and thrive from this awesome opportunity.”

To sign up for your astrology chart reading please contact Matilda’s agent Jane Bathgate at jmatildabathgate@gmail.com and indicate “Garuda Aviary Fundraiser”. For more information about Matilda Mercury, please go to her website at https://matilda_mercury.silvrback.com/

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The Lifeblood of Our Sanctuary – You!

All of us at Garuda Aviary are sending a HUGE Thank You to our cherished donors and contributors. YOU are truly the lifeblood of our sanctuary, for without your support we could not provide the awesome care and lifelong home to our Parrots.

Please consider becoming a MONTHLY SUPPORTOR of the Garuda Aviary! As a regular, monthly contributor you will become a large part of helping us provide the extremely safe, nurturing and healthy environment at Garuda. You will be ensuring that our entire Flock receives an abundant and healthy diet including fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds and that their cages are furnished with toys that are safe and appropriate to each breed, as well as other ongoing avian needs.

It is very expensive to run a lifelong sanctuary, that does not adopt-out, such as ours. We have ongoing expenses for food (including fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds) water, electricity, stipend, building and grounds maintenance, plus other expenses.

Consider this:

-Your Monthly contribution of $25 provides a healthy diet of fresh food, seeds and nuts for one bird, and

-Your Monthly contribution of just $55 will provide full care for one bird including food, electricity, building maintenance and other expenses. How wonderful!

When you become a Monthly Contributor to the Garuda Aviary, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of our beautiful parrots. You are supporting their ability to live in the comfort, care and safety of a lifelong sanctuary that will not be taken away from them. You are truly making a lasting difference in the quality of their lives. Your contribution ensures that Garuda Aviary will remain as their lifelong home and shelter.

To become a regular Monthly Contributor at Garuda Aviary, please click on the link, below, and select “recurring donation”. THANK YOU on behalf of ALL of our Parrots at Garuda Aviary! “Squawk! Squawk!”