Generous Bounty

Recently, Garuda Aviary received a large and very generous donation from The Parrot Posse. The Parrot Posse is a group of over 2000 members that combine their funds to purchase supplies and send them to parrot rescues and sanctuaries.
Also involved in the Parrot Posse’s mission is their friends at the Caitec Corporation. They specialize in stainless steel toys for parrots. For rescues and sanctuaries, Caitec offers stainless steel foraging toys to the Parrot Posse at deep discounts.
The entire gift package from the Parrot Posse and the Caitec Corporation included;
50lbs almonds (in shell)
50lbs walnuts (in shell)
11lbs macadamia nuts (in shell)
12 beautiful stainless steel “foraging cages”
Wow! What an amazing “care package”! And the timing is truly ideal. Now that it’s cold, our flock will be inside for the winter. As “cabin fever” sets in, our parrots can get bored and cranky. Getting the walnuts out of the foraging cages is a stimulating and fun way for our birds to “forage” for their treats.
We here at Garuda Aviary want to send a BIG thank you and shout out to our heroes, the Parrot Posse and the Caitec Corporation.

IMG_20141207_182130   IMG_20141207_183253

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