Season’s Tidings

We stop mowing the lawn and start raking the leaves. And eventually shovel some snow. Some of us take the AC unit out of the window and start making fires in the fireplace or woodstove. We put away the shorts and t-shirts, and get out the jackets and boots.

Regardless of what you do when winter sets in, you know life doesn’t end or suspend. We don’t go into hibernation. Only the activities change.

The same is true for Garuda Aviary. When it gets too cold for the flock to enjoy the outside flight cage, the visitor area is closed and we stay inside until spring. But by no means are the lives of our many flock members suspended in any way. Parrots never “take a holiday” from needing food. They never “take a break” from craving stimulation and social interaction. They never “go on vacation” from requiring care and maintenance. So every day, we at Garuda Aviary provide our parrots with everything they need to be happy and healthy.

Winter also provides the opportunity to get some inside work done. Last winter, we started a GoFundMe social fundraising campaign to raise funds for specialized cage building material.  Thanks to you, we have partial funds and can now begin expanding a few habitats. These custom-built habits will offer maximum space and social interactivity, allowing our parrots to live as nature intended; in breed-specific flocks.

Please note: As we have not raised the total amount needed for the cage building material, if you would like to contribute to our habitat expansion project, please go to

No matter the season, Garuda Aviary strives daily to improve the lives of Parrots. However, we cannot do it alone. We need your help!  Please consider giving a year-end contribution, which will make an meaningful impact and allow Garuda Aviary to provide outstanding lifelong care and shelter for our Parrots.  Comfort and happiness is the greatest gift you could give!


Garuda Aviary is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization.  All contributions are fully tax deductible in accordance with Federal and State Laws.