Do You Love Dust & Dander?

No? Then don’t buy a parrot! Parrots create a lot of dander. Much more than any other animal considered to be a pet. Garuda Aviary’s flock creates more dander in a week then the average household creates in a year. In one year, our flock produces more than 6 pounds of dander! That much dander can easily destroy the HVAC system that heats and cools a structure. Every two days, the Aviary’s ventilation return filters are blown clean with an air compressor.

All parrots produce dander; some more than others. The highest levels of dander production come from African Greys and Cockatoos. An atmosphere rich in dander is not only bad for your home’s ventilation system, but also for your body’s ventilation system: your lungs. Countless parrot owners have been forced to abandon their feathered friend after developing a respiratory condition. Respiratory conditions associated with prolonged exposure to parrot dander are known by some of the following names: Parrot Fever, Bird Fancier’s Lung and Parrot Breeder’s disease.

So unless you’re a huge fan of dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, coughing and sneezing, please do not buy a parrot.

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